Course Description

Aimed at boosting your efficiency and productivity, this class will help you to better manage your email, efficiently keep track of your tasks, optimally prioritize your workload commitments, and to efficaciously allow yourself time to step back to think and strategize in order to enable even greater results and innovations.

Course Outline

  • Optimal email communication techniques
  • Task completion strategies for efficient project completion that minimize the unnecessary expenditure of time
  • Techniques to prioritize tasks and foundational knowledge to understand why we don’t always do the right thing even when we know what it is
  • Benefits of making time to actually think and to include important, not urgent tasks, into your schedule; and approaches to doing so.

Learner Outcomes

  • Reduce the time spent handling email
  • Understand current workloads to ensure important assignments reach fruition
  • Prioritize tasks and recognize/correct impediments that hamper staying on track
  • Identify how to create time to think strategically and to prevent future needs from becoming urgent

Who Should Attend?


  • Feeling overwhelmed by quantities of email or tasks on their plates
  • Hoping to implement new approaches towards organizing their lives
  • Desiring to work more efficiently in order to ensure that the most important tasks get the most attention
  • Wanting to understand the potential benefits of slowing down and taking a more deliberate look at their work and environment

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Take Control of Your Life: Own Your Emails, Tasks, and Priorities
8:30AM to 4:30PM
Oct 20, 2022
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Class Location: UHM Main Campus: Sakamaki C104 (Map)
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