Course Description

This one-week intensive workshop covers most aspects in the analysis of human skeletal remains as they relate to forensic anthropology and forensic medicine. Participants will receive classroom and laboratory training at the Department of Anatomy, John A. Burns School of Medicine of the University of Hawaii, utilizing a broad array of learning materials including contemporary skeletons.

Working individually and in small teams, participants will analyze a known-identity human skeleton and compile a biological profile consisting of the individual's age at death, sex, ancestry, stature, bone disease, and trauma.

This is a non-credit educational activity and certificates will be provided to each participant upon successful completion of the course.

Course Outline

Topics Include:

  • Handling, preserving, and curating remains; identifying and siding human bones
  • Methods for estimating age at death, sex ancestry/race, stature, and personal identity
  • Bone disease and healing
  • Skeletal trauma
  • Non-metric traits and anatomical variants of the human skeleton
  • Plastination and preservation of human remains
  • 3D photogrammetry and Augmented Virtual Reality of human bones
  • Introduction to functional and musculoskeletal anatomy
  • Osteometrics


The workshop is open to US citizens and international visitors with appropriate visas. Enrollment in the workshop is typically limited to 35 participants. Diverse participants include high school students (must be at least 16 years of age and of junior or senior standing), college students, and practicing professionals in fields/professions: Forensic science, Allied health services and sciences, Anthropology, Anatomists, Physicians, Law enforcement, Museum studies/staff, and Higher education. Participants will be admitted based on availability and a brief statement of interest.


"The Human Skeleton in Forensic Anthropology and Medicine workshop is truly a one of kind experience that gives students and professionals an opportunity to work with the Mann-Labrash osteology collection. This is one of the newest skeletal collections in the United States and is unique to other collections, which exposes participants to human skeletal variations, bone disease, and surgical implants that can’t be found anywhere else. If you are a student or professional interested in forensic anthropology or an allied discipline, this workshop will provide you with knowledge and exposure unlike any other forensic anthropology course.
This workshop is hosted by Dr. Robert Mann an internationally known forensic anthropologist. Dr. Mann and his associates demonstrate vast knowledge in osteology and anatomy, they’re extremely personable, generous, and always eager to help. Participants attend from all over the world with a variety of skillsets and backgrounds so everyone has a chance to learn and teach, which brings forth networking opportunities to colleagues near and far.
If you are searching for a workshop that will benefit your career in forensic anthropology, this is the one for you!"

- Kiana Miller, Workshop Participant

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